Molly Rose Freeman weaves together color, pattern, and a love of the living world. Born from a devoted attention to nature--the architecture of leaves, the rhythm of waves on the ocean, the imperfect symmetry of a flower--her original designs are playful, joyful, and brimming with life.

For the last twelve years, Molly has painted murals, bringing vibrant color and organic pattern to life on a large scale. She approaches every project holistically, considering the history, purpose, and context of each space, to create murals that honor their unique environments. Over the years, she has had the privelege of working with amazing clients, community partners, and collaborators in transforming public spaces through art.

In 2020, Molly began designing textiles. As she spent more time in her home—like so many others during that time—she shifted her focus from designing for public spaces to designing for the most private one: the home. She began envisioning what she wanted around her: soft, colorful things that sparkled with vitality. Warm, cozy things that could wrap you up and make you feel safe. Imaginative things, squashy things, things that felt like home. And soon, these visions came into form as a collection of textiles for you and your beloved spaces.

Molly now shares her time between painting murals and designing textiles in her North Carolina studio. In each medium, her work is a celebration of our beautiful world and all that connects us.