The Summer Slowdown

We are deep into berry season in the South. There is a stand of thimbleberries growing outside my studio: a big thorny vine that snags my clothes when I reach in to pick them. Lately I’ve been visiting them when I park my car in the mornings. I pick whichever ones are ripest—perfect little ruby red jewels—and pop them into my mouth while sitting on the hood of my car. They remind me what this time of year is all about: slowing down, savoring sweetness, letting yourself get drunk on thick heat and sticky juice.

When I was a kid, Summer was my favorite time of year because you could just be. You didn't have to do much except eat popsicles and go swimming. This year, I am reinstating Summer vacation, because even when you love what you do ( I do!), you can't be producing all the time (I can't!). So right now I'm opting for: making playlists for a Summer beach trip; taking naps with the door open; eating fresh tomatoes; spending time with my friends/partner/family; putting my bare feet in any water source I can find. And asking myself over and over:

What feels good and slow and easy?

Butter melting on a hot skillet.
Peach juice dripping down your arm.
A blue-dark yard full of fireflies.
The faraway sound of the sea.

This is what I’m inviting in—all the ease of Summer—to come on in and stay awhile.

Here’s to hoping you have some slow + sweet + FUN moments this season,


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