The Alchemy of Blue and Orange

Blue and orange together are magic. Imagine: a flame-orange maple tree against a cloudless sky. A sherbet-colored sun sinking into the sea. A blue and orange fire dancing in the dark. A piece of lapis lazuli set in glowing gold.

Because blue and orange are complementary colors, there is tension between them. It’s same kind of tension that attracts you to someone whose energy is different from your own. The kind of tension that creates chemistry, that sparks love affairs and fast friendships.

Complementary means, essentially, to be that which the other is not, and in doing so to create with the other a new sense of wholeness. Blue and orange together create alchemy. The blue brings depth, mystery, a soft heart and cool skin. Orange brings hearth, fire, hard earth and a firm grip. Blue soothes orange, and orange invigorates blue. And together they become something new—a presence with one foot on land and one in the water, one eye on the physical and one on the ethereal.

With beauty in balance,



P.S. I just have to share that about fifteen minutes after I finished writing this, an Eastern bluebird, which has a blue body and head with a bright orange chest, landed on the skylight in my studio! And peeked in to say hello. Proof that the universe is full of magic.

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