In The Half-Light

I love a moody landscape. Chris and I went to Maine last month for our good friends’ wedding, and we got to spend a weekend exploring rocky coastlines, windy beaches, and sandy paths lined with wild roses. The light is different there. In the South, in high Summer, the light crashes down on you with a blinding hot yellow-white force. In Maine, it is soft, blue, a little salty. I thought about what it would be like to paint there, how you could spend a lifetime finding the white edges of waves and green tumbles of window boxes with your brush.

This type of light creates a mood: there’s a sense of the mystical, the adventurous, the more-than-real. I read this line yesterday in a book by writer and gardener Ben Dark: “There is a mystery and allure in gloom, an invitation for the viewer to create a story.”

I made some new pieces for the upcoming season that embody this spirit. They tell a story of places that live in the half-light: misty places, cool shadowy places, places where light lands softly on the earth and the sea. I imagine these scarves and blankets going with you on your journeys, keeping you warm, and helping you embrace the mystical wildness wherever you go.
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