Molly Rose Freeman

Pricing Sheet



Below are the rates for the installation of original murals. These rates apply to walls that have a generally flat surface. For walls that have multiple extrusions (pipes, fixtures, built-in furniture) or an extremely rough surface texture, or for projects that require painting on ceilings or floors, the rates will be higher to adjust for additional time and resources. These rates will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The rates below include artist fees, materials and supplies, insurance, and a 5% contingency fee. They do NOT include sketch fees, travel expenses, or the cost of equipment such as scaffolding and lifts.

Less than 250 sq. ft. = $40/sq. ft.*

251-500 sq. ft. = $35/sq. ft.

501-1000 sq. ft. = $30/sq. ft.

1001-2500 sq. ft. = $25/sq. ft.

2501 + sq. ft. = $20/sq. ft

*There is a $5000 minimum on mural commissions.

In cases of multiple walls within one commission and installed within one time frame, the rate will be determined by the total square footage of the combined walls, not by each wall separately.

For any additional questions, please see our Info Sheet and FAQ page, or email