Molly Rose Freeman

Info Sheet



Here is a breakdown of the general process for commissioning an original mural. While these guidelines are helpful, I understand that every project is different, and I do my best to adapt to the unique needs of each one.

Gathering Information

During this first phase, I begin by gathering information about the vision for your project. Here are examples of information I may ask for:

  • General information: Who is the client? What is the location? What is the timeline?

  • Information on the vision for the project: What is the intention? What is the inspiration (images, words, colors, mission statements, etc.)? What environment is the client looking to create?

  • Information on context: What is the history of the space? How is it used? Who spends time there?

  • Information on logistics: What is the size and surface of the wall(s)? Is it interior or exterior? Where is the wall in relation to the ground? Will it be an active construction zone during the time of installation? What is the site access like?

  • Pictures, renderings, elevations of the wall(s).

  • Other relevant pictures, renderings, elevations of the surrounding spaces for context and inspiration.

  • FF+E for the space.

Once you have provided the relevant information, we can determine whether the project seems to be a good fit. If it is, I provide you with:

  • Estimated timeline

  • Estimated price

If those work for you, then you agree to continue with me developing concepts and sketches for the mural and to pay a sketch fee of $1800. *

*Each sketch fee includes two sketches in two colorways each plus three rounds of revisions. These revisions include modifications to color, proportion, and minor details. For additional sketches, the fee is $500 per sketch + $250 per additional round of revisions.

Developing Concept and Sketches

Once I have gathered the relevant information to get a holistic view of the project, I begin developing concepts for the space. This phase includes:

  • Creating a narrative for the space (the story behind the visuals).

  • Creating and delivering concept sketches: my turnaround time is about two weeks unless otherwise discussed.

  • When photos or renderings of the site are available, providing a mock-up of how the mural will look in the space.


Once we have agreed on a sketch, I will send you a contract that outlines details including:

  • Project scope

  • Payment schedule and amounts

  • Timeline

  • Insurance

  • Usage rights

Nailing Down Logistics

Once the contract is signed and a deposit is received, we proceed to confirming the final details for installation, including:

  • Scheduling the installation period

  • Arranging travel if necessary

  • On-site details: Is there parking? Is there water access? Do we need hard hats or other safety gear? Do we need badges or permits?


This phase includes the physical installation of the work, including:

  • Painting the mural, likely with one or more assistants.

  • Meeting with the on-site supervisor(s).

  • Communicating clearly when we will be on site.

  • When working in public spaces, engaging with those interested in seeing the installation process and learning more about the concept for the mural and the project at large.

  • Taking photos during the installation process.

  • Being available for site visits for those interested in seeing the work in progress.**

  • Signing and dating the finished work.

  • Making sure the space is as clean as or cleaner than when we arrived.

**When possible, I ask for 24 hours notice on site visits so I can make sure my team and I are available and prepared to receive visitors. I am also available for media interviews and happy to schedule them with at least one week's notice.

Follow Up

After the mural is complete, I will send you an email with the following:

  • High-res photos of the finished mural.

  • Photos and videos of the installation process for your records and marketing purposes.

  • The title of the piece.

  • A written statement about the concept behind the piece.

  • A list of the paint colors, including brand, type, and finish, used on the mural.

  • An invitation to be in touch if you have any questions, issues, or ideas for the future.

If you have a project in mind and would like to talk further, please email If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ page and Pricing Sheet.