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I am interested in commissioning a mural. Where do I start?

Check out my Info Page for an outline of the process for commissioning a mural.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use high-quality low-VOC latex paint-and-primer-in-one. Many contractors have specific brands they like us to use, the most common being Sherwin-Williams and Behr.

We are also happy to use a no-VOC paint for use in schools, hospitals, or any areas where people may have sensitivities or aversions to fumes.

How long will a mural last?

Generally, an interior mural will last at least ten years and an exterior mural will last five to seven years. Things like extreme weather conditions, improper preparation of the wall, poor drainage (water seeping down the wall), or the use of certain paints like metallics and photo-sensitive paints will likely shorten the lifespan of the mural. To give each mural the longest possible life span, I use the highest quality paints with primer in them to give an added layer of strength. I always make sure each wall is properly cleaned and primed before painting, and I let clients know on the front end if I foresee any issues with their wall that may affect the lifespan of the mural.

What will a mural cost?

See my Price Sheet for a more info.

How messy is the mural-painting process?

Not messy! My team and I bring drop cloths and rags with us to prevent paint drips in the area where we are installing the mural. We leave our work area looking as good or better than when we arrived.

Are there fumes?

We most often use a low-VOC paint so the fumes are minimal, if at all noticeable. We can also use a no-VOC paint, which will have no fumes. If this is something you're interested in, please specify that to us on the front end.

How do I maintain a mural?

Murals are generally very low-maintenance. The paint we are using is the same paint you likely have on the exterior or interior of your home, and you can maintain it the exact same way. For interior murals, you can dust them, wipe them with a soft cloth, or wash them with soap and water. For exterior murals, you can brush them off with a broom, wash them with soap and water, or hose them off.

What happens if the mural gets damaged?

If the mural is damaged through some fault in its application within the natural lifespan of the mural (five years for exterior, eight years for interior), then we will repair it at no cost. If it is damaged by something external i.e. extreme weather, structural damage, vandalism, or any kind of accident, we can repair it for a day rate of $500/day + supplies and travel expenses.

At the end of each project, I also send you the brand, type, finish, and color of each paint we used on the mural so you can make small touch-ups to the wall if need be, or hire a third party to perform maintenance.

What kinds of equipment do you use?

We use a variety of equipment depending on the needs of the project, the most common being ladders, scaffolding, swing stages, scissor lifts, and boom lifts. My team and I are all OSHA certified to operate this equipment.

Who provides the equipment?

Generally, the client provides the equipment to our specifications. If we provide the equipment, we will do so with a 25% markup to cover operating and administrative costs.

Do you offer any kind of graffiti remediation?

We do not generally seal our murals against graffiti because it is so rare that they get tagged. If this is something you're interested in, we can accommodate by using an anti-graffiti coating that allows graffiti to be removed with a simple hand-wiping or pressure washing.

If you have any other questions, please email info@mollyrosefreeman and we will be happy to help.