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This mural is a tribute to Aurora, Roman goddess of the Dawn. It depicts her in the moment she is waking up, while the landscape around her is still rich and dark, just as she is inviting in the light of the new day. Her sister is Luna (the Moon) and her brother is Sol (the Sun), and Aurora tends the space between them. She represents the magic time between waking and dreaming, nighttime and morning, when our imaginations are most open and alive. Like Persephone, Aurora embodies the power to bridge two worlds: one of darkness and one of light. With this mural, we celebrate her as a symbol of hope, transcendence, and the coming of a new day.

I collaborated with Think Greatly, Lela Brunet, and Laura Vela to create this piece, and we were supported by our amazing all-female team of assistants. The mural is located at Colony Square in the heart of Midtown (Atlanta GA), and I want to thank the team at North American Properties for their vision and encouragement.

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