Molly Rose Freeman
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About Molly

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b. 1987, Durham NC

Molly Rose Freeman is led by this question: How can the world be more beautiful?

When she moves through the world, she has one eye on what is and one eye on what could be. Her curiosity is her lifeblood: a never-ending state of wondering what’s possible.

In her work, she offers this inquisitive attention to the built environment. How could color make a functional space feel more alive? How could pattern bring complexity to a flat wall? How could activating one area transform an entire room? With her unique vision and skill set, she sees creative possibilities for each space and brings them to life with joyful devotion.

Her practice is an assemblage of research, drawing, contemplation, experimentation, traveling, noticing. She creates her work in service of each space—supporting its intention, celebrating its history, highlighting its individual character. As much as she is an artist, she is also a storyteller, speaking in the common languages of color and pattern to make the world more beautiful.